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Need to change locks now? Whenever you need to change the locks of your property, our locksmith will come over and perform this for you. So, if you are locked outside and need to open and replace your lock, or maybe just need a simple lock change, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for our emergency locksmith service. Moreover, our local professional locksmiths are able to help you with any type of lock change at any time, and they will come to your home or business at any time within 30 minutes.

Of course, we can help with all kinds of Insurance-approved locks and British Standard door locks replacements. All these are available at all times with our well-equipped technicians. They carry around all the necessary locking materials and tools, so you won’t have to reschedule another appointment after the first assessment.

24 hours you can simply call us and request your desired door lock replacement for the front door, back door, patio, or balcony door. Also, we are here to offer commercial or residential locksmith emergency services.

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For non-emergency requests, just complete the form below and let us know when you need to change locks London. We will be back with a reply via email soon. 

    Changing locks in a new house - Should you change locks when moving house?

    For many people who are relocating, moving to a new home may be a difficult process. But most tenants and homeowners overlook the security of their own place. When moving into a new house, the majority of people in London don’t focus on their lock the doors first, even if that should be a top priority. More than that, many of them are leaving their homes unlocked, leading to increased home burglaries.

    What causes these habits? The main causes are that new owners and tenants don’t prioritize security at all. We can notice this behavior when we are thinking that people don’t have the habit of changing locks when moving into a new property. So, it’s also highly probable that someone else has the keys to their home, especially if they received them from a former renter.

    In our opinion, a lock change is mandatory when moving to any place, even if it’s just temporary. Changing a lock shouldn’t be optional and with our professionals, it takes a really short amount of time to be done. Get in touch and change the locks now for your peace of mind. You should change locks London anytime you are moving into a new property. 

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    How to change locks on a new home

    You can do lots of things after moving. For example, you can upgrade the level of security of your property but you can also keep it the same. Changing the locks on new houses or simply rekeying the locks is always a good idea because there will never be people at the property without your knowledge.

    Key control describes a technique of recording all the keys in one’s house. Of course, we can offer you solutions on this side with high-security locksets that come with security cards. So, when you wanna duplicate a key, only when you have the card you can do it. This way, nobody will be able to make a duplicate without you knowing that.

    Of course, you can control the key duplication process yourself with a standard lock as well, if you are sure there’s only a small number of people that will need a set of keys. Security is always paramount during relocation.

    A professional locksmith can advise you in regards to changing a lock and what’s the best solution when you move into a new house, for your peace of mind.

    Lock Replacement, Changing & Fitting

    Whether changing door locks or windows, a certified locksmith can install a new lock at any time, ranging from regular or high-security locks or uPVC door locks. It is possible that you need to replace defective locks because are damaged or simply need replacement.

    Also, another common reason for lock replacement is the home insurance policy. Normally, insurance companies will most likely ask you to install British Standard locks in order to get approved. This means you will most likely have to have your locks changed on your front door, back door, or patio door.

    Nevertheless, it’s best to install new locks in your new home, in order to be house inside your house at all times. Are you not sure which door locking device you should install? Please consult our professional company Mayfair Locksmith London and we will help you with our 24-hour services.

    How much does it cost to change locks?

    Do you want more information about Locksmiths Price? Of course, because everything is subjective in the security domain, we won’t be able to share standard pricing for any work. Because there are different types of locks and plenty of working conditions, a locksmith has to come over in order to give you an accurate estimate for your particular door.

    For a guidance cost, a simple job would cost around £59 plus VAT. The prices are starting from here when it comes to a simple door opening. Please ask us via phone or email for more details about the prices, we would be happy to assist further.

    A broken lock on your home or commercial property

    Having a broken lock could be an additional reason you need to get a new lock. In general, a lock at front doors needs replacing because they are often used more frequently to prevent an unwanted lockout.

    Usually, mechanical parts wear down. Normally, pieces tend to wear out when greasy residue is removed from the lock. Locks that have been replaced because oil runs out are no longer an everyday issue. We are in the locksmithing business in this region for many years and we are ready to come and help whenever there’s such a problem. If the lock fails over a period of a year, this suggests a bigger problem. It is likely that the doors are off-balance which causes the lock to get stuck.

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    Meet your home insurance requirements

    In a recent home loan application, the agent may be asked questions about home protection and new locks. For example, your door needs to have British standard mortice locks installed with visible Kitemarks.

    If the wooden doors do not come with such a lock, they will be required to replace it in order for them to satisfy their purpose. Normally, locks are replaced by locksmiths in order to achieve the home security standard. Also, your euro cylinder protects your property if you’re using a uPVC-style entrance door. Therefore, it’s important to choose a high-security euro cylinder to keep you secure.

    House keys were lost or stolen

    If your key is lost by accident or because of a theft, you must change your front and back doors immediately. More than that, most people keep their keys in bags, and that allows burglars to identify their property petty quickly, especially if the bag has been stolen.

    Of course, you won’t be able to unlock the door without a key. So, if there is something wrong with your lock or key, please contact us and request the lock be changed. Keep your property safe and in your mind.

    You moved into a new house or apartment

    Upon purchasing any property you need to consider its level of security. For sure you can tell if the keys have come with your new home or if you just need to change them. Definitely, the best solution is to have them changed or just install a new euro cylinder (if that’s the case). For example, a rekey gives you new keys, so you have complete control over who is in your house. Your local locksmith in Central London can offer a lock rekeying service that improves your safety in minutes. Just call Mayfair Locksmith London and we will help with a new lock installation.

    Upgrade to keyed alike locks

    If you have multiple doors, it would be easier for you to try to make all of them keyed alike. It’s important to ask your local locksmith if your keys are identical or if you can have identical ones for your doors.

    So, the keys for the door lock should be positioned identically by an expert, allowing a key to open every new lock. The advantage of this is the ability to drastically reduce the number of keys you have to carry around. Normally, we can help with this service on the same day.

    Outdated locks

    Sometimes, some of the existing locks on homes and buildings are a little old and are fading. You may just see a lock and consider there is a need for updating, particularly the night latch for the wooden door. Also, we can help you change just the lock cylinder if that is the problem. Lock changing doesn’t have to be a complicated process with the right professionals on site.

    REKEY VS Change locks

    Most of our customers believe that changing the locks is necessary only when the keys are missing. What they don’t know when they call for a locksmith is that rekeying is a faster and cheaper method of getting new keys.

    Although the replacement of locks may seem obvious and only refers to the replacement of the whole lock, reassembling the locks is much simpler and more cost-effective. Rekeying involves replacing the lock cylinder in a lock with another one, without changing the lock itself. This locks the locks and unlocks them with another key.

    So, even if you keep the same lock, your old keys are no longer capable of being operated. The key pins are replaced by tumblers or pins of the lock which match certain key pieces in the lock.

    Cost of labor and timescales

    In general, a locksmith’s charge can vary, depending on the job. However, if you hire an emergency locksmith during late hours or on weekends, you need to consider a calling-out fee on top of the normal charge.

    Timescales vary depending upon the scope of the job, type of work, hour, or difficulty. However, the standard locking changing jobs typically takes around half an hour to 1 hour. Emergency call-outs that are more complicated will require a second visit (for complicated mechanisms and rare locks). In this case, if a second visit is required, the first consultation will be a bit longer. But no worries, normally, our locksmiths will sort it out in the shortest time and on just one visit.

    No hidden additional costs

    Of course, if you require more services, the costs will increase. But the locksmith will always preset you your options before proceeding. Normally, you will change your lock with an identical one for the lowest cost. Alternatively, if you want to upgrade or modify locks after a break-in or a scary incident, you might want to consider other tasks while you are hiring our tradesman.

    During our evaluation, you should ask yourself whether you want an opinion about your other door locks. This way you will make sure there will never be the case to repair or replace your locks again any time soon.

    If you have to replace a door’s lock, the replacement cost for a front door usually depends upon the type, measurements, availability of the material, security level, and quality.

    How to change locks: A Step-by-Step Guide about the work

    Once the locksmith is prepared with all the necessary information about you and all the existing particularities of your property, he will let you know how you can proceed. So, after you decide together when you need, he will start working.

    First, he will remove the deadbolt locks and the rest of it should be fairly straightforward. nest, he will locate the screw on the inner part of the lock – the side that turns the lock. Now he will need an open hole for inspection.

    Secondly, he will open the door to see the side of this lock (the small piece running along with the inside doorway). Finally, he will remove all old deadbolt hardware and put in the new deadbolts. basically, at this point, you will get your new deadbolt hardware installed.

    Tell me the process of changing locks?

    The removal of a lock can generally be simple, but stress-free. Below you’ll find general instructions for replacing parts or installing from an expert trade-man.

    Removing previous locks

    Once the locksmith has agreed to your quote, you start by removing the door latches and deadbolts. The first two bolts are removed before rotating plates and removing latch assemblies. Upon completion of the process, a couple of screwdrivers will be removed.

    Change of locks

    After installation, install the locking mechanism of the locking device before rotating the assembly plate so that the assembly is positioned at the top. The next step is to open the door knob and see holes in the bolt to secure the lock.

    Secure and Test

    The locksmith may also double-check your doors once they are secured. When they have a strong belief in your products, your door will be emptied of all debris & dirt.

    How do I choose the best door lock for my house?

    For this question, a locksmith will give you a better answer, tailored to your specific needs. Of course, different door locking systems offer different levels of safety. Typically, the types of locks include keypad locks, deadbolt locks, levers locking, rims, mortice locks, euro cylinders, cam locks, or multi-point locks. Therefore, you have to start by identifying the right lock on your door and take it from there. So, whenever you are looking for new locks, you should consider this aspect if you want a change.

    Your budget

    Although there’s no price too high or too small for your safety, the quality and amount you spend on your security locks can be the most important decision you make when choosing your door lock. Usually, it is best to perform risk analyses in order to determine what level and how much protection is required in your case. Normally, when you choose a good lock, it will last for years with no problems.

    Lock gradings and rating

    If you are new in England, here the locks get ratings for the safety level provided. They security level determines their level of protective capability. Most importantly, they should meet British Standards 3621 on quality performance and trust, as required by numerous insurance companies in Britain too. Therefore, we recommend to anyone to secure themself with an accredited lock for their peace of mind.

    Lock brand

    Lock manufacturers such as Chubb, Yale, and Banham are active throughout the security market and are known for producing top-notch security products without compromising security. We do recommend the most known brands because we use them all the time and we know their capabilities when it comes to security.

    Type of door and lock

    It will help in selecting the locked door type. Every door locks have different features so they must also be chosen depending on the combination hardware.

    Choosing a Locker when you have to Change locks

    It may be difficult to choose the lock that fits the most because certain doors will have a lock just for the lock. Therefore having a professional locksmith for the replacement and fitting of your locks is essential as they will know what locks are needed.

    Below are some of the most popular lock types and some advantages and disadvantages.

    Door Lock Replacement & Fitting

    Our locksmiths can install, replace and change most door locks such as standard, cylinder locks, night latches, mortice, multi-point, and so on. So, whether you’ve lost keys or just move into a new property, get in touch and our locksmiths will help you with a rekey or a new lock, depending on your needs.

    Night latch fitting & replacement (often referred to as Yale type lock)

    There are several kinds of night latches, varying in size and most commonly used on the front doors.

    Night latches a locksmith can change locks

    Uncertain about the type of night latch that should be changed? Give us a call now and a locksmith will take you through the variety of night latches he has available. You can find these locks with our experts anytime, 24 hours a day.

    Mortice Lock Fittings

    It is commonly installed within door frames of wooden doors and is difficult to open because its lock mechanism is installed into the door frame. So, in case you’ve lost the key, it won’t be a simple open. The fitting will be pretty straightforward for any experienced locksmith.

    Mortice Sash Lock Fitting

    Mortice sash locks are usually mounted onto wooden doors in a household home, and sash locks can be opened using keys and handles. Mortice-type lockings that have handles are called sash locks. So, in this case, the handle activates the latch of the lock, which shuts doors when pushed or pulled close. In general, the more levers a mortice sash lock has, the better is the locking mechanism.

    5 Lever Mortice Deadlock Cost

    A mortice deadbolt with five levers is typically installed on wooden doors to allow for both inside and outside lockouts.

    Mortice Deadlock Fitting & BS3621 Mortice Deadlock Fitting

    Mortice Deadlocks usually fit on wood doors and are only opened when they have keys. A Deadlock does not have a handle and is pressed using keys on either side. A deadbolt doesn’t have a handle. The more levers the mortice deadbolt has the more secure the latch.

    Multipoint locking system

    of course, a uPVC mechanism and cylinder it’s a fantastic solution for composite doors because it offers additional security through the use of several locking mechanisms. The cost of the machine is generally higher but if it isn’t faulty, we can try and replace just the cylinder.

    Euro-Lock Cylinder Fitting

    Euro cylinder is widely popular and can be used on a wide variety of door locking devices and security systems. Euro lock Cylinder is normally located behind doors and on front doors.

    Door types a euro lock cylinder is found on doors

    Euro locks cylinders can be installed on almost any door if the expert knows how to do it. Most commonly, these are found on uPVC doors. Also, Euro locks are available in different sizes, security levels, and different finishes, depending on the application and hardware installed.

    Supply Only Costs

    Costs for adjusting locks are generally fairly cheap if you already have the exact lock required for your door. Depending on which type of lock you select and if it’s British standard or not, the locks are normally starting from £50. Of course, if you can provide more details about the lock, you can find an estimate of the cost for supply and fitting when calling our locksmith.

    Can I change locks myself?

    There’re no restrictions that will prevent you from fitting your own security but it is at your own risk. You risk on exposing yourself to unauthorized access if the lock is not installed properly.

    When it comes to self-installation, most people won’t take the risk and will ask an expert to come and do it quickly and safely. You might be trying to reduce prices when you’re putting up the cost of replacing locks but how can someone know if they have replaced their locks correctly? For example, lock snaps have been used in many burglaries and it’s pretty easy if you had a bag lock installation.

    We lost the key. Can you change the lock?

    Locksmiths can still change your locks and upgrade them without losing the keys, so having a key lost would ease this decision. Of course, you will have to change the lock is the locks it’s been drilled to be opened. Therefore, whenever you wanna change your lock, we can help.

    How can I tell if my locks are British Standard?

    If you wanna check that, you will check for the BSI kitemark symbol at the back of the lock. In case of a lockout, this is the part that is impossible to spot when the door is locked.

    In this case, a locksmith will recommend you the best options available for your door and normally he will advise you to install the best BS3621 standard lock. You can check the sign when a new lock is being installed – just find the BS Kitemark in its lockbox. For wood doors, the dates will be 2007 and BS3621.

    Door Locks Change and Replacement

    A locksmith can repair and install doors that typically occur in the homes/buildings of the homeowner/business. This consists of the following kinds of reasons:

    Just want to feel safe

    When your existing locks feel weak and your worries are putting yourself at risk as they make you more vulnerable, it may be worth putting them to good use to improve their security levels. You might also want to increase home security when traveling. When you’ve got a safe and effective lock that acts as a barrier between your home and criminals, it’ll give you a sense of security and calm you down. For your peace of mind get a locksmith at your place and ask for a security assessment.

    Your locking mechanism needs to be upgraded

    Locks can inevitably wear down over time and it may take time to update the locks that were once installed in order to keep the security level up in line with technological advances. A malfunctioning door may also cause a nuisance to the homeowner, and becomes difficult to be operated. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the old or broken locks for a better and more effective locking mechanism in being installed.

    Gave your keys to someone else

    It is common among homeowners to give the keys to repairs or maintenance companies to have a job completed, or they may have a home electric check or have forgotten the keys to the owner. Again, you can’t get someone to hold your keys at all. In this case, a rekey is almost a must and you have to change the cylinder to stay safe and limit the access.

    You lose your keys

    All homeowners or tenants lose or miss keys during their lifetime. It is suggested to change the locks to prevent unauthorized access to a person if the key has not yet been lost. More than that if you are locked out with no key, there’s a big chance for you to be forced to change the lock if the old one gets destroyed.

    Did you experience a break-in?

    The lock should be changed immediately in case of a break-in, as it’s possible for the burglar to keep the copies of the keys. Also, when he got inside your house, maybe he compromised the lock with forced access. It may be possible the lock was damaged by burglars and the house was left vulnerable and resulting in locks being lost or faulty.

    Someone moved out

    It’s very common to share your property in central London and, of course, the house keys. Or maybe you just wanted to give a copy to someone you know like friends, family, or neighbors. In case you wanna limit the access, you might need to rekey the lock.

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    Change locks FAQ


    How much does it cost to have the locks changed?


    Can I change my locks myself?

    Expect to have a flexible pricing upfront before an expert visits your property because the prices when changing your locks are depending a lot on the quality of the materials, the type of door, and all your other requirements.

    Of course, rekeying the door lock will be cheaper than a brand new lock installation. It is now common practice for apartment buildings to rekey locks instead of replacing the entire hardware. Anyway, the locksmith will be able to offer a fixed quote for all scenarios only after a full security assessment at your property is done.

    Changed locks can be done easily if you have some skills, with fewer costs. But, of course, if you don't wanna risk a break-in or a lockout because of a poor installation, we would recommend asking for a professional to help you change your locks safer and faster. We are available 24 hours in Central London and surrounding areas for any lock change.

    Clients Reviews About Change locks Service

    • I was locked out and it happen to me at a late hour. I had to call the nearby locksmiths and Mayfair Locksmith London came up. The have dorted our my lock so quick, in 30 minutes I was inside my home with a new lock installed on the door. The locksmith was knowledgeable and smart, he has also presented me more lock solutions for the home. Happy with the entire service.

      Client: Cindy, Mayfair
    • We used these technicians when we lost our key and had no spare key to unlock the door of our home. Basically, we were lockout of our house so I had to search for home locksmiths on Google. Found this company and these specialists have all tools with them and can provide a good security service over night. The cost was good compared with other emergency companies we used before. Would recommend these locksmith services for anyone who has lock and keys issues.

      Client: Mark, Mayfair

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